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Run to successHi everyone!

I was on a group coaching call the other day and one of the participants kept bringing up the subject of lack.  Lack of money, lack of energy, lack of abundance, lack of everything!   Most of us have these thoughts from time to time and some have them all of the time.  Yes, it can be exhausting and easy to be in judgement of someone who is so negative when you focus is on finding a better thinking thought

As the coach/facilitator I asked “what is missing?  what could be better”  The participant went on to tell me a long list of what was wrong.  As a matter of fact there there was nothing that was right.  My next question was “where do you thing that you may have contributed?  where is your area of lack-?”, in other words, in what way are you responsible for this situation?  Please note that I do not mean self blame.

That question changed the dynamic, or the energy for the group.  We started talking about all that we “do” to manifest.  We may do vision boards, meditation, listen do bells or a wide variety of other things to get us attracting our ideal business, yet many never get there.

This discussion got me questioning how my life an the lives of those around me would change if I would just widen my thinking about Law of Attraction and manifesting in our businesses and in our lives.

Law Of Attraction

Most of you reading this post have heard of the Law of Attraction and may have heard a few definitions.  Here is the one I reference:

I attract into my life what ever I put my attention, energy and focus on, wanted or unwanted.  I other words “like attracts like”.

But considering it as a real, dynamic part of the way the world works rather than words on a screen changes things dramatically.  It makes it much more personal and helps us know that we are responsible for  what we attract. If you are a student of the ‘law of attraction’ you know that we are taught to focus, to believe, to trust, and to feel worthy of that which we desire.  What comes up for many though, is exactly the opposite of that.  If we say that our revenue next month will be $5,000 our “mind chatter” or gremlin says “that is impossible”.  [perfectpullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“To conquer frustration, one must remain intensely focused on the outcome, not the obstacles.”
T.F. Hodge[/perfectpullquote]

Our words are not resonating and when we don’t get our desired results we immediately look outside of ourselves.    Why didn’t we get our desire?

Limiting Beliefs

Some people have an understanding of  ‘law of attraction” and are great manifesters.   Others understand the process intellectually  don’t seem to manifest consistently because of unconscious limiting belief, or doubts about their worthiness.

I have worked with so many who continually “beat themselves up” because they can’t seem to get pack their limiting beliefs, if they know about them at all.  In fact, that used to be me.

What Are You Thinking?

The question isn’t, what are you doing wrong when you are not manifesting your desires, but what are you feeling or not feeling in your heart of hearts? What does your self reflect back to you? If you feel unable to be successful in business, which is also saying  “I am unable” in some way, or “I’m not enough”, then you are clearly sending a message to the God, the Universe, the Devine that says… lack lives here… within me.   It is only lack that can show up.

If you feel doomed to failure then you have already failed.  But not so fast!  Taking the action to read this post tells me that you have the desire to succeed.  That desire is your first step!  Keep reading the posts in this series and take the actions and you are on your way to success.

So what is your specific struggle around manifesting?   Or do you have a tip to share with others?  Sound off below and make sure you sign up to my LOA Business Success list, too!

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