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Hi Everyone.  I have been thinking about how many people ask my why they keep getting what the do not want.  Just the other day someone said to me “Even when focusing my thoughts it seem that the things I don’t really care about or say I don’t want manifest almost immediately.”

Does this sound like you?  How about the things you really want?  Does it seem to take forever?

You make list after list of what you want and even include vision boards, affirmations, meditations and get as clear as possible.  Your business vision includes your location, team members, products or services and of course the amount of money you are earning.

[perfectpullquote align=”left” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“Your circumstance is not your outcome.”
Anita R. Sneed-Carter[/perfectpullquote]

So why does it take so long for Law of Attraction to bring me what I want if it does at all?

Is it even possible to anticipate how long it will take to get your results?

Well, yes…and no.

You see, it all depends on you.

It depends on what you are thinking about your desire.  Are in a mindset of desperation or one of knowing it will come but without attachment to when and how it will appear?.

The things that appear quickly in your life do so because you are less attached to when it will appear and how it will apear.

You are looking for a dress for a networking event.  You aren’t really attached to attending and making a great impression at this event, and the perfect dress shows up in the first store you go to.

Is it because a dress is easier to manifest then finding your first 5 new clients?

It’s not because the dress is easier to manifest…

…but it is because if you never find the dress it is alright.

How o ten do you think or say to someone “It would be nice if………..” and it seems that almost immediately your desire comes to pass.

But what about the the new space, business partner, training, clients, products that have not yet appreard?

You’ve done everything you have read about Law of Attraction, you listen to talks and meditate and still nothing.

Why is it taking forever for the Law of Attraction to work?

Well, there are four important things to remember here:

1. Because your thoughts become your things, when you notice you don’t have what you want or that it is taking a long time for it to manifest, you’re creating more and sometimes longer experiences of holding on to what is not happening.

In other words, you create not having your desire manifest.

2. Every time you think the Law of Attraction is not working and start to search for ways to make it work… every time you wonder why is this working for others and not for me…every time you are questioning whether you should have what you want.

…you’re telling the Universe you don’t trust it to bring you your desire.  In the last post we talked about limiting beliefs.  Maybe you are saying to yourself “God if you want me to stay in this job don’t bring me my desires.”  This way God is your scapegoat.  It is not your “fault” that your business is not getting started.”  This way of thinking is a result of limiting beliefs.  Limiting beliefs, of course, can be resolved using Emotional Freedom Technique or a number of others tools I use with my clients.

Your job is to trust the Universe.

You’re supposed to ask for what you want and allow your desires to appear, trusting that they will.  You must allow and look for signs that you are on the right path.  They will apprear.

3. What you want is not really taking forever to manifest.

Sometimes our desire it at the end of a row of dominoes.  There are steps along the way.  .

These dominoes can prevent you from instantly receiving what you want.

For example, if you feel as though your business will be successful only after you have a certain number of clients generating a certain level of income it may be difficult to see that outcome when you don’t yet have your first client.  You need to take the first, second an third steps.  What do do?  Listen for Inspired Action.  Let Law of Attraction tell you where to go to in order to make the connections you need to make.  Be open to hearing and taking action.

4. When you feel nervous, anxious, impatient, or scared, you are not in alignment with your desired outcome.   If you are attached, you project negative emotions of fear, doubt, or worry which actually attracts the opposite of your desire. You are operating from from a place of worry, fear and doubt rather than serenity, trust and faith. Of course there are times when negative emotions are meant to be felt and acted upon, but your dominant emotions should be positive ones.

That is why it is so imperative that you detach from the outcome.

Detachment is not caring whether you manifest exactly as you planned.

Detachment is being okay with things the outcome being different.

Detachment is feeling hope that you will get what you want, but still enjoying the process that takes you from where you are now to where you want to be.

When you are grateful for where you are now and live as if you already have you desire, your desire will manifest sooner.    Express appreciation as often as you think about it.

Here is what you must do to manifest your desires:

  • Work through your limiting beliefs
  • Listen for next steps
  • Take inspired action

So what is your specific struggle around manifesting?   Or do you have a tip to share with others?  Sound off below and make sure you sign up to my Mindset Transformation list and recieve your free tools, too!

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