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attitude-quotes-21Hi Everyone.  In order to fully implement the power of Law of Attraction and achieve your goals and desires you must first reduce and then eliminate your limiting beliefs. Whatever you give your attention, energy and focus to is what you will create in your life every time.

Limiting beliefs are those negative thoughts that you give your attention, energy and focus to over and over and over again.

If you are not getting what you want 100% of the time the reason it a combination of limiting beliefs and not taking inspired action.

Limiting beliefs seem to be very powerful because they are things you have thought for a long time., in fact most likely they were instilled in you before the age of 7. They come quite naturally to you. Think of your car at the top of a steep hill. You can easily stop it at the top, however if you let go of the break you can easily lose control. It is the same with limiting beliefs. The more energy you give to these negative thoughts, the more you think them. In fact in many cases the more you try to stop them the more the intensity increases.

You may have given them so much energy over the years that they are now the main thing you think – all the time!

They are so instilled in you that they have become a self-fulfilling prophecy and you may sabotage yourself without knowing why, even if it appears that you are taking all of the right actions. Depending on how much energy an focus you have given your limiting beliefs they may now be your total sense of reality.

But the problem with holding these negative beliefs as your reality is that they place you in a vice of sorts. There does not seem to be any way to get out of this thought pattern. Your limiting beliefs tell you that your dream is impossible and no amount of action or efforting will produce a different result. That is why it is so important to identify your limiting beliefs. .

Use your Emotional Guidance Scale to identify your limiting beliefs.

Your emotions are a build-in tool to identify your liming beliefs.   Your negative feelings and emotions identify your limiting beliefs. It is really important not to fight or push against your negative emotions as this will just solidify them further. It is essential to just let them be for now, until you have learned some tools to reduce and ultimately eliminate them.

How To Recognize Limiting Beliefs

You can notice your own negative beliefs when you catch yourself saying things such as: “Life is …” “I will never…” “There is not enough…” “I am a … person” “Earning money is …” “I cannot do this because …” If you find yourself repeating some kind of phrase, either positive or negative, all the time, you should realize that it’s a belief that you have. If the belief is positive then it serves you. However, if you find yourself repeating disempowering or negative statements then you must change that belief in order to find true joy and accomplish your heart’s desires.

No matter how long you had some belief for, you can always change it because your active beliefs are in your conscious mind. They can be hidden under so looking innocent thoughts (for example, “He thinks that only because of his fancy car he can show off” is a hidden belief about money), but such beliefs can still be uncovered by analyzing thoughts as such. So to uncover your negative beliefs you have to pay attention to your daily thoughts and if some thought is negative, ask yourself why you think in such a negative way.

This will uncover your belief. Your limiting beliefs may be very blatant such as refusing to travel by air because of a fear that there may be an accident or more subtle such as consistently speaking words of wealth and prosperity while having an underlying through that all rich people are selfish.

If you are having trouble uncovering your limiting beliefs reach out to me for support. Once you uncover some of your negative beliefs, write them down and read them aloud. When reading them do you get a physical feeling, maybe an ache in your stomach? That means that you have uncovered a limiting belief. Write them down as you uncover them.

The vast majority will have started before the age of 7. Now you should understand that you are not a child anymore and that you have a free will. You can choose whether to keep such belief or to eliminate it. It is up to you. For some it is a simple as saying to yourself that you no longer choose to believe in this and that from now on you will look for the evidence that would show that the belief is not true. While for some a limiting belief can be eliminated this easily. For many, however, other steps and processed need to be taken.

I use a variety of tools and exercises to support my clients in eliminating limiting beliefs and replace them with affirmative, life changing ones. Feel free to reach out to me to see if I can assist you. It is important to not play the “blame game” when it comes to limiting beliefs. It is so easy to blame parents or others, however this just further ingrains the belief. My personal story is one of having an emotionally abusive mom who negated my self-esteem at every turn. I chose to raise my children exactly the opposite while still loving my mom.

You have an total freedom to choose the way you want to live and you can choose your own beliefs and ways to behave.

You should hold responsible only yourself for the person you have become. The great news is that you can easily change any personality traits or qualities that you do not like!

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