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Are you new to Law of Attraction?  I have a series of blog posts just for you.  Click here.

To summarize, The Law of AttraSuection states that whatever you give consistent thought to, you will create. The Universe is attraction based and we get what we think about. And once you have given thought to something, whether positive or negative and with focused emotion, then expect it to come, it will. Your thoughts are powerful magnets and you will get what you consistently think about whether you want it or not.

The best way to explain the Law of Attraction is to realize that you will get exactly what you give your greatest amount of thought too.  Are you giving the most thought to not being broke or being single?  That is what you are attracting.

Everything that you are living right now you attracted into your life.  How do you change your life?  Change your thoughts.

If you are thinking or saying “That sounds easy but…” you are like many and like me for many years.

What would you like to attract?  I would love to know!


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