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sunglass_reflectionHi Everyone,

A few times a week  it is important to take a few minutes to reflect on what is working well in each of our lives.  This focused attention allows Law of Attraction to expand and magnify the wonderful things and experiences you are attracting.

Here is today’s reflection:

My life consists of a never ending string of moments waiting to be lived. Every step I take is some progress toward a goal.

Every pause is a period of rest and contemplation. Countless moments exist, and each one bears the potential for a new creation.

Each new obstacle I encounter is a test of my current abilities and grants me the chance to hone new skills.

Rather than look at the obstacle as impeding my progress or even setting me bak, I view it as something which challenges me to see the situation newly, from a different perspective. I always accept the challenge and see it as an opportunity to make what ever I am working on better.

I appreciate the less busy days since they give me time to reflect on the positive things in my life while further developing my goals and plans for the future.  I am so grateful for every present moment and at the same time clarifying my vision of what is to come.

I identify issues that appear insurmountable and out of my control as the perfect time to take a step back.

Each issue that appears insurmountable allowing the ability to learn and to grow.   Each step back and quiet my mind, if only for a few moments, allows me to see more of the issue as a whole. It is a new opportunity to expand my vision. I develop new objectives, fresh tactics, and a renewed resolve.

Today, I plan to make look at how each past opportunity has lead to the next.  I see my past as a chess board, where I can trace the miraculous steps forward and backwards.

Each moment is connected to another. Therefore, each opportunity in my life interconnects with others, and I am striving to clarify and experience the next connection before it manifests in a way that my 5 senses knows that it is real.

As I reflect on my own “chess board” I can see so many miracles, situations that seemed impossible yet manifested.   While working in a hospital while every one of my peers worked a strict 8 to 5 schedule my priority was my then 2 year old daughter.  I was able to work a flex schedule and worked at home, unheard of!  I stepped out of a manager level position at a highly rated healthcare consulting firm with just 4 weeks of work booked and spent 8 years working for myself never having a day to work that there was not work.  Again, unheard of!

I have 2 amazing children aged 32 and 28.  Throughout my life raising my children I always knew that I would raise another girl.  As they got older my career took off and I spent the vast majority of my time traveling around the country as an executive consultant and coach.  As the possibility of my having another child all but vanished the feeling did not.  Now I am mommy to an amazing 6 year old little girl.  No, not by “nature”, but most definitely by “nurture”.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I stay on course and maintain my focus with so many opportunities around me?
  2. How do I prioritize or rank the potential of an opportunity when it is presented?
  3. What is my “fall back” when things are not going right?  Do I get upset, angry or stop dead in my tracks?  How can I do this differently so the temporary challenge becomes an exciting time of reflection and the chance to possible change direction?
  4. When is the best time of day for me to catalog, schedule, or organize?

Let me know your answers to these important questions.

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