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Hi Everyone.  I was talking with someone last week about how he keeps his “manifestation mojo” up when things appear to not be going quite right.  What happened last week was he lost the lease on the space his business was operating from.

Rather than getting upset or angry he has trained himself to immediately do something that brings him joy.

We frequently talk about opportunities to keep manifesting, and the one we discussed last week was the importance of doing random acts of kindness any time and especially at times we are feeling low.

A random act of kindness is a selfless act carried out to either assist or cheer-up an individual or even animals at times.

There will generally be no other reasons apart from making people smile or happy. Irrespective of it’s a spontaneous or planned in advance, random acts of kindness are very easy to practice. What we need is an open heart and a helpful approach.

Random acts of kindness need not necessarily be only given money.

Most of us have heard about someone paying for the coffee for the person in back of them or paying the next person’s toll.  Also, of course, making monetary donations.  While these are great and much appreciated, there are other opportunities. Remember, one of the best way to “use” Law of Attraction to manifest is to give expecting nothing in return.

Open gestures or anonymously, it could be as simple as sending a silent blessing to a stranger or leaving a note of encouragement for someone or extending a helping hand to cross a busy street or a blood donation or just offering a compliment, a smile, a listening ear and so on.

Practicing a random act of kindness is an expression of abundance.

It dissolves our thoughts and feelings of lack. Kindness comes from generosity and love. Extending kindness shows our awareness of the abundant generosity and love in our possession that we want to share with others, whether people we know or complete strangers. Committing an act of kindness to benefit others without expecting or accepting anything in return feels good. Likewise, it feels good too when someone does the same to us.

It’s gratitude in motion.

These ‘feel good’ feelings transform our negative energy, lifting our spirits high and positively. The Universe recognizes the positive energy and delivers more abundance in our way. Opportunities to do a random act of kindness are available at any time, everyday and everywhere. Most of the time we just do not realize how many and how often they are happening right in front of us. We need to slow down alittle, ponder for awhile and recount a single act of kindness we’ve done or done to us today. They may be small and unnoticeable until we really give it our attention.  Did you hold the door for someone or give a stranger great eye contact and a smile?

When we practice random acts of kindness, people in turn become inspired by our actions.

If this spirit of giving and helping spreads, the world will become a much better place.

Law of Attraction states thatYou get what you put your energy and focus on, whether wanted or unwanted.” 

Put your energy on kindness and abundance and that is what will be returned.


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