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pstec-freedom-free-mp3I have pretty recently started using PSTEC on myself and with clients and with huge success!

In a recent blog post I talked about using The Sedona Method as a way to release negative beliefs and emotions.   While The Sedona Method can be used any where and at any time (I frequently use it while in the car or in a meeting), PSTEC takes more of a focused effort. It is not difficult, it just takes 20 minutes or so of focused, quiet time.

The following article, written by Elaine Corona, does a great job describing this technique. Feel free to reach out to me for help getting started. I have helped clients use PSTEC to move through the fear of failure around starting a new business as well as feeling insignificant in personal relationships as well as a variety of other issues.

Percussive Suggestion Technique (PSTEC) has only recently been developed and is a unique and cutting-edge new therapy designed to neutralize any disturbing feelings in a very powerful way.

PSTEC quickly decreases and often eliminates anxiety and feelings of depression and neutralizes disturbing memories. Although the painful memory will not actually be forgotten, the intensity level of the negative emotion associated with it will be significantly diminished and more often, eliminated. It will then be just that, a memory, but without the painful feelings that were attached to it.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“PSTEC is a unique 11 minute audio track which can be played to create a resolution for almost any problem related to unwanted emotions or feelings. It is a very efficient neutralizer of any problem feelings or emotions.” – Tim Phizackerly, Creator of PSTEC[/perfectpullquote]


PSTEC incorporates different aspects of hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming and eye movement therapy. One of the primary reasons that PSTEC is so effective is that it is able to bypass the critical factor (the resistant mechanism) of the conscious mind and gain direct access to the subconscious mind where memories are stored. PSTEC is helpful in resolving issues of:

  • sadness and depression
  • worries and anxieties
  • stress
  • panic attacks
  • fears and phobias
  • obsessions
  • anger and resentment
  • relationship issues
  • issues of confidence
  • eating disorders
  • addictions
  • migraine headaches

PSTEC is now being used to help people stop smoking, conquer bulimia nervosa, lose weight and resolve issues of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

PSTEC is very effective in diminishing negative emotions but it can also help to replace the negative feelings that have been cleared with positive feelings about self, and to help one succeed in areas that they may have struggled with up until now.

When using the basic PSTEC system, the client identifies a disturbing memory related to either a past event, a present upset, or a future event. They then listen to the audio while tapping along with the audio “click tracks” and performing a series of eye movements, all while focusing on the memory and the feelings attached to it.

Amazingly, the intensity of the feelings associated with the memory will most often be significantly decreased, and frequently the distressing feeling is completely eliminated. Following are just a few comments made by some of my clients after using PSTEC for just one session:

“Oh my gosh, I can barely remember that night now! It seems so insignificant, it’s just not important anymore!” “When the problem comes into my mind, I don’t go into the usual terror; it’s more like the thought comes into my mind, and then it just leaves.” “I was really upset about an upcoming event and after just two rounds of PSTEC, I just don’t care, it just doesn’t seem important anymore! The obsessive thoughts just aren’t coming into my mind anymore, they’re just gone!”

PSTEC was created very recently and even in this short period of time has helped many people to be released from the pain of the past, the struggles of the every day, and the fears of the future. PSTEC is an amazing new therapy; it is simple to do, works very quickly, works on many issues, and gets great results; definitely worth trying!

If you would like further information or would like to get a free PSTEC audio download please visit my website.

I specialize in working with children and parents experiencing anxiety. My goal is to help you to decrease your anxiety and that of your child. I use innovative and creative therapies that will help to resolve distressing feelings either of you are experiencing. If you have any questions about th0is article or would like to discuss any concerns that you have, please feel free to contact me at the phone number or email address below.

Elaine has been a therapist for 25 years. She lives in Monmouth County, NJ and specializes in Anxiety, OCD, Phobias, Stress Reduction, Depression, Parenting Support, Addiction in the Family, Grief Counseling as well as Work and Career Issues. Her office is conveniently located in the charming little town of Avon-by-the-Sea.

If you would like to contact Elaine, please call (732) 233-9026(732) 233-9026 or email her at counselingbytheshore@gmail.com. She is available in office as well as provides services b by phone.

Visit her website to find out more about her practice. http://www.counselingbytheshore.com

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