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(A full list of the steps and links to the posts is at the end of this post)

fourHi Everyone. This is the fourth post in my series 7 Steps to Implementing Law of Attraction for Your Business and Your Life.

In the first post we talked about Step 1 Know Your Desire.

In Step 2 we talked about Knowing That It Will Come.

In Step 3 we explored Visualization and Inspired Action.

Step 4 is…

Inner Dialogue (self-talk)

What you put our attention, energy and focus on will expand and have an effect on your actions,  emotions and ability to take Inspired Actions for that day. Consciously focusing your thoughts  what you desire in life, without being attached to it, will change the actions you take, and your emotions. Also when you focus your thoughts on your deepest desires, your unconscious mind automatically helps you to look our for opportunities to make your desire real.

Either you must control your thoughts or the outside forces will control them and be warned that the outside forces usually consist of fears, worries and doubts.” ― Maddy Malhotra

It is important to know that if your thoughts are negative and predominantly about what you don’t want, that is what will manifest.

Case Study

After about 3 weeks of doing regular visualization and taking Inspired Action my client began to see some success!  She got one small client worth $150 a month from an ad she had placed and another worth $200 a month from a referral.  Then 2 weeks of not much new activity!  As she reflected on this she realized that while she was grateful, she was also feeling as though what had happened was too good to be true and it wouldn’t last.  In other words she was having lots of negative self-talk. Most all of us have negative self talk, sometimes called “monkey mind”.  How do we minimize this?  I advised my client to use positive affirmations as a great way to introduce new thoughts into your mind. I told her that one positive thought can lead to a deluge of more positive thoughts, and before you know it you will be thinking positive thoughts much of the time.  Your energy will change and you will being attracting your desires. One way to do this is to record a script of your future. Here are some guidelines.  This can easily be done with your Smartphone.

1. The tense that you use (present / future) does not matter.  If you immediately feel resistance when you thing about this since it doesnt seem realistic, use the phrase “I am in the process of…”.  “I am in the process of creating a business that allows me to work 60 hours a month and generates $5,000 a month or more.  I work with many small businesses they all have values similar to mine.”  The phrase “I am in the process of…” makes it believable since it is true!

2. Create realistic stories, but also include stretch goals!  You may believe that the $5,000 a month working 60 hours is doable.  Does $6,000 working 70 hours seem at all possible?  Add it!

3. Do not make wishes here. Words like, “I would like to” or “I should” should not be in there.

4. All phrases should be positive!  There is no room for negativity here,

5.  Your audios can  be any length and you can have as many as you want.

If you can’t see yourself doing this, consider what many do.

For me and many of my friends and students listening to positive, empowering mp3s has been an important key to maintaining those positive thoughts.  One of the ones I use most frequently and highly recommend is Zen Meditations.  I strongly recommend you check this out.  Click here for more information. I love Joe Vitale’s work.  My favorite book is The Attractor Factor, available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  This is a low cost way to get more information.  If you are looking to really accelerate your learning and business success I recommend Awakened Millionaire AcademyClick here for more information.

As I have said before, If you are new to positive thinking or if you have been doing it for years, I invite you to listen to Bob Proctor’s Visualize Your Abundant Future. It was life changing for me as I know it will be for you. I have learned so much from Bob and recommend that you check out this free video series. After seeing the free video series you will be offered a paid program. I have taken this and highly recommend it. If that does not work for you I still highly recommend that you view and view again the free series. That in itself will be life changing!

7 Steps to Your Ideal Life Using Law of Attraction

Step 1 Know Your Desire

Step 2 Knowing That It Will Come

Step 3 Visualization and Inspired Action

Step 4 Inner Dialogue (self-talk)

Step 5 Better Questions Lead to Better Answers

Step 6 Letting Go

Step 7 Gratitude

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